Toy horses, we talk about the best valued models

toy horses

The toy horses have been, over the ages, one of the classic toys. There are many homes that had one for the smallest of the house.

I still say more many adults choose to put a wooden rocking horse in a corner decorative highlight of your home. This way they bring warmth to a room thanks to the wood and the shapes of the horses.

Do we see which are the currently best valued models of these toys that have accompanied generations?

We are facing a traditional toy that it has evolved over time. However, in essence it is still a rocking or rolling toy intended for children to ride. The little ones enjoy imagining a horse race, a chase or simply spending a while relaxing 'for a walk'.

In addition, of this type of rocking horses or with wheels, we have the toy horse that is made up of a stuffed or wooden horse head on the end of a stick. This stick is what children put between their legs to ride in the multitude of fantastic worlds that coexist in their minds. The advantage of this toy is that children can take it anywhere to play. The seesaw would be the most restricted in this regard.

Let's see now which are the best rated horse models at the moment. To make this list, we have chosen the ratings provided by Amazon users.

Today's top rated models

When choosing a toy many factors must be taken into account, the child's age is the main one of them. Or if it is for decoration where the wooden horses decorated with paint and varnished or not according to the taste of each one.

In this article we are going to see both padded stuffed horses for the little ones, even plastic and wooden horses.

The list is not ordered from best to worst rated, but is a compilation without order.

Wooden horses

Here we are going to see the most classic models of this toy and still modernized. These are perfect to be used as decoration as well as being perfect for children.

Small foot company Seesaw

wooden rocking horse

This is a model of the most classic, in wood decorated with paint and varnish. The advantage of this rocker is that it has a chair with a backrest that prevents the child from falling. The shape of the seesaw skate is very good for the adult to be able to balance the child with his foot.

If you want to know more about this toy you can see it here:small foot company Seesaw Horse.

Pintoy 60.09535 - Wooden rocking horse

wooden rocking horse

We are again before a horse with a chair that protects against falls. Also, in this case, on the skid side of the rocker, It ends in stops that provide stability.

If you want to know more about this toy you can see it here: Pintoy 60.09535 - Wooden rocking horse

Wood and cloth horses (stuffed type)

These models are perhaps one of the most chosen for younger children. This is due to plush-like padding protects better from potential bumps that the little ones can give themselves. However, as we have seen before, wooden ones with a chair and back can be an excellent option for the safety of our children. In any case, It is recommended that the little ones play with these toys always under adult supervision. 

Knorrtoys 40502 Sugar - Rocking horse

wood horse-plush

If you want to know more about this toy you can see it here: Knorrtoys 40502 Sugar - Rocking horse

Famosa Softies Rocking Horse with Wheels and Sound 760013062

horse plush sound

This horse, in addition to offering the padded rocker as a plush in the most cowboy style, has sound.

If you want to know more about this toy you can see it here: Famous Softies Rocking Horse with Wheels and Sound

Walking stick horses

As we mentioned at the beginning, this is the perfect toy for those children who like to play in the street or who like to take their toys with them.

Knorr 40100 Hip Hop Toy Horse Head with Sound

horse head sound

This model has sound of whinnying and trotting which seems to excite many of the little ones. It also finishes the cane on wheels to make it more comfortable to use.

If you want to know more about this toy you can see it here: Knorr 40100 Hip Hop Toy Horse Head with Sound

Plastic horses

These are perhaps the least popular of the popular ones. It seems, and I join the opinion, that the above options are more aesthetically pleasing. However, they usually offer other things that make them a great toy.

Baby Clementoni Disney Rocking Horse 

interactive horse

The advantage of this horse is that in addition to being a horse and rocking horse, It is a center of activities. Speak in Spanish, help to learn English, letters, numbers. Therefore, it covers more gaming needs. It is Ideal for little ones.

If you want to know more about this toy you can see it here: Baby Clementoni Disney Rocking Horse

I hope you liked this article as much as my writing it and that you enjoy toy horses, whether they are for the little ones or for you.

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