Equine anatomy: the muscles

Equine anatomy

The variety of muscles They are tissues that make it possible for the horse to move, and can be contracted by it voluntarily (not all). This decision, this order, is made in the brain or spinal cord. These tissues are made up of muscle bundles, which are held together by connective tissue. The muscle bundles count are numerous muscle fibers, which are like threads that, once you join them, form the muscle.

Each muscle fiber has an axon (find out what it is if you don't know, it's important) from a motor nerve cell, which conducts impulses to the neuromuscular junctions in the muscle fiber. When it comes to moving a muscle, as we say, from the brain or spinal cord, this impulse is sent through the axon of a specialized motor neuron, to the neuromusular junction; In this way, a chemical is released into the muscle fiber that causes it to contract. 

When the muscle contracts, it thickens and shortens, and pulls the two ends inserted into the bone by the tendons, bringing them closer to each other. After the contraction phase, the muscle relaxes; But if these impulses are too fast and the muscle does not have time to relax, it remains contracted continuously until these impulses subside. As a comment, there are three types of muscle tissue: striated muscles, smooth muscles and the heart muscle.

The muscles striated They are also known as voluntary muscles, since it moves them at will; the smooth, also called involuntary, are not moved by the horse consciously (such as intestinal peristalsis, which are the forces of contraction that move food through the intestine). The muscle cardiac it is a striated muscle, but involuntary, so it falls outside of that classification. To differentiate smooth muscle tissue from striatum, in the striatum we observe rings that are not present in the smooth.

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