Editorial team

Noti Horses is a website that has been offering you tips and tricks since 2011 so that you can take care of your equine in the best possible way: with affection, with respect and with everything that any rider or fan of these animals has to know, such as their own diseases of the horses or the different breeds that exist.

The editorial team of Noti Caballos is made up of people who love these animals, and are experts in them. If you would like to collaborate with us, complete the following form so that we can get in touch.


    Former editors

    • Rosa Sanchez

      From a very young age I realized that horses are those wonderful creatures with which you can see the world from another perspective to the point of learning a lot about their behavior. The equine world is as fascinating as the human world and many of them give you love, company, fidelity and above all they teach you that for many moments they can take your breath away.

    • Jenny monge

      Horses have been a part of my life for a long time. Since I was a tadpole I've been marveling at photos, and even more live. I consider them incredible animals, very elegant, but also very intelligent.

    • Angela Graña

      Dressage horsewoman. Currently working as a monitor and dressage of horses at the Celta Equestrian Equestrian Social Center, of the Hijos de Castro y Lorenzo Livestock. I have a Spanish-Arab gelding and we are both working together in the art of Dressage. I still had no use of reason and I was already passionate about horses. One of my greatest dreams is to be able to transmit true information to my readers that will help them improve their experience with these wonderful animals, which is why I also have an equine website.

    • Carlos Garrido

      Passionate about horses from a very young age. I love learning and telling new things about these animals, so noble and majestic. And it is that if you take good care of them, if you give them everything they need, you will receive a lot in return. You just have to have a little patience with the horses, because they can bring out the best in each one.