Pure blood horse

The breed of Thoroughbred Horses

Horse racing in England has been a tradition for centuries, that is why in the XNUMXth century it was decided to create a breed that would stand out: Thoroughbred Horses.

Silver Akhal-Teke

Akhal-Teke, the jewel of Turkmenistan

The Akhal-Teke, stand out for the metallic shine of their fur, which is why they are considered the most beautiful race in the world, they are also one of the oldest.

American Cream Draft

American horses: main breeds

The horses of the Spanish colonists and those of other countries such as England or France are the basis of the origin of the American horse breeds.

Quarter mile quarter

Quarter Horse

The Quarter horse, or Quarter horse, is an original breed from the United States especially suitable for short races.

american mustang herd

Mustang horse

The Mustang horse is part of the wild horses of North America, but ... did you know that they are descended from Spanish horses?

horses iceland

The most beautiful horses in the world

These animals are beautiful and exceptional, although some breeds stand out over others in the former. We are going to see the most beautiful horses in the world.

Zaino Horse

The Zaino horse is present in different equine breeds with their corresponding physiognomic differences and has various characteristics.

The albino horse needs to exercise like any other

Albino horse

The albino horse is a very graceful animal that has a calm and patient character. It is an ideal companion for all families. Do you dare to discover it?

Percheron horses

Percheron horse

The percherón has always been a highly appreciated and essential breed for man for its great resistance and strength, despite being a heavy horse.

Haflinger horse

The Haflinger breed or also known as the Aveliñés Pony descend from the Arab and the Tyrolean. Although its origin is from Austria, from the mountains of Tyrol.

Tinker horse breed

The horse known as Tinker, is a breed of strong and docile horses that also has behind them a history as diverse as their coat.

black berber horse on grass

Barbary breed, desert horses

The Berber breed is known as the desert horse, since, in the past, they had to travel long distances acclimatizing to heat and fasting.

Creation of the Aztec race

The creation of the Aztec race began in 1969 in the Mexican high school of horsemen of Texcoco. This breed has Andalusian blood cross and quarter mile.

The heavy Breton horse

This heavy horse breed known as the Breton, is worthy of stories of great kings, it is admirable already ...

Italian draft horse

With such a Mediterranean name, the equine breed known as the Italian draft horse is one of the breeds ...

Kabardin breed

The Kabardin breed is an exemplary horse, with warm blood and characterized by its great performance in the ...

Hackney breed

The Hackney breed is about a warm-blooded horse whose most common purposes are usually the race, the ...

Norwegian Fjord Horse

  The Norwegian Fjord horse is a breed of horse that stands out in dressage practices, ...

Majorcan horse

The Mallorcan horse is an autochthonous breed of Mallorca and where today, despite the various crosses, its original breed can be appreciated and maintained.

albino breed

Albino breed

In this article we will tell you some of the characteristics of the albino breed.