Typical kinds of frames

The saddle or saddle is an important part for the good harmony between the rider and the horse, at the same time that the horse's back is taken care of.

Rope bridle

How to build a rope halter

We teach you, step by step, how to build a rope head. Something that you will achieve very soon thanks to practice.


Your first riding lesson

This is an example of what for many could be a first riding lesson. Maybe some when looking back let out a laugh!


Rider Fitness: Leg Exercises

Tips and exercises on fitness for riders to be a rider in good shape and develop your abilities in the saddle in the most optimal way possible.

Working without stirrups is one of the best ways to build stamina

Rider physical preparation

The physical preparation of the rider is essential if he / she intends to successfully withstand the hard workouts of high performance.

What is the mouth seal for?

This time we talk about the mouth seal, how it should be placed, and what are its effects, both negative and positive.

Stirrup history

We will share the interesting story of the stirrups, the ones that helped in the wars.